Hey Yall,

So I just can not proceed without saying wassup to you guys! (Sigh) Ya girl has been super busy…living life. One of my new year’s resolutions was to blog more, and although my last blog was February (whew, I literally just checked, thought it was March), I feel so accomplished.

Since then I’ve become the Orlando Regional Director of Black Bloggers United. I’ve hosted two power hours and an unforgettable brunch. So although I haven’t posted a personal blog ya girl has been putting in work. Enlarging my network and creating new relationships with other bloggers.

I’ve also been celebrating my 24th Birthday, which I will share more details within a later blog. I’ve been in a wedding, caught the bouquet but had snatched from me (tragic), visited my family in New Orleans, attended a few graduations, went ATV riding, jumped off of a boat in the middle the ocean…if you don’t know, I can’t swim. LOL. I’ve been doing thee most!

Most importantly, I set a goal for myself this past March to have a logo created for my blog by August 2017. Well three weeks ago I finally got that logo done, and here I am to present it to you!

I’ve also updated a few things on my website so be sure to check it out!

Again, I know you guys haven’t seen any updated blog post, but I’m putting in work behind the scenes. I have three blogs in my drafts, but I’m a perfectionist so I can’t just throw anything out there.

However, I do want to share with you all that struggle with consistency, whether you’re a blogger, aspiring model/actress, athlete, poet, etc.

 Know that it’s okay to take time to yourself. Don’t ever get so caught up with being “consistent” that you throw out bad quality work. Be genuine, be authentic, and before you look at someone else’s plate, remember to thank God for yours. In this current season of my life, I’ve learned to truly live my life and not try to prove that I’m living my life by making insufficient posts to keep up with others.

Soooo what’s happening with PW? Passionate Woman is out here living her life! Nonetheless, with every experience I endure, I have a story to tell to uplift- encourage you all along the way!

So stay tuned for more!

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Thanks for all of your support!

“Turning Negatives Into Positives, One Blog at a Time…”- Passionate Woman


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