We’re Going to Need More Wine [Review]

If you follow my blog/instagram, you’ll know that I’ve recently started a book club. My first book to review of course was Gabrielle Union’s “We’re Going to Need More Wine”.

Initially preparing to write this review, I planned to highlight my favorite chapters/stories from the book. Instead, I’d like to highlight this from a bloggers perspectives.

We’re Going to Need More Wine touched on the subjects of

  • The Token Black Girl
  • The Girl Who Doesn’t Care for Marriage [yes they exist]
  • Finding Your identity in a World Where You’re Not Accepted
  • Owning Your Identity and Blackness in Hollywood
  • Me Too;
  • Yeast Infections, Because Celebrities Get Those Too
  • Miseducation of Sex Education – [I guess I’m not the only one who wasn’t told about the birds and the bees]
  • Big Bank Takes Little Bank – What It’s Like Dating Another Celebrity
  • Infertility and the Sensitivity of Minding Your Business
  • And plenty more….

The one thing I enjoyed most from reading “We’re Going to Need More Wine”, is Gabrielle’s transparency.

Throughout reading her book I had quite a few moments where I was like: “FORREAL Gabby?”, “Sis you bold af”, “I can totally relate”, “We’re officially souls sisters”….

Gabby’s transparency allowed me to feel comfortable in my insecurities. Not in a way that would cause me to dwell and not make change, but in a way where I felt normal.

Have you ever had an emotional or traumatizing experience that you felt no one could relate to? Have you ever vented to someone about something, and he/she just comes from a different background or upbringing so truly they could not relate to your matter and an hour into venting you feel like your were talking to a tree?

More Wine PLEASE!

Well in reading about Gab Unions stories, I felt this relief knowing that I am truly not alone. Then on the other hand there were moments where I absolutely could not relate and thought “dang Gabbs you wildin”, however I appreciated her transparency.

I can’t lie I was definitely judging her in many circumstances, however in sharing her truth I was able to understand her perspective and the underlying truth behind why she felt so strongly about certain matters. I was able to dig deep and understand how she moved according to past pain.

As a blogger, I am conditioned to sharing my truths and sharing my opinion, whether it’s through sharing a testimonial experience or a product review. Reading “We’re Going to Need More Wine” inspired me to wild out! Lol.

During my book club and reviewing “We’re Going to Need More Wine”, I decided not to record the meeting live as I planned. I decided to open the room for vulnerability and truth. I shared parts of my life that only my best friends know about.

It was in the moments of sharing my story and reviewing the stories of Gabrielle’s book that I felt empowered to be more transparent.

I can’t say I’ve ever sugar coated any of my blogs, but I know there are many subjects that I’ve strayed away from. Often because in sharing my own truths I’d have to share the truth of others. [opp] But it’s in our truths, in our transparency that we connect with others the most.

I’ve decided that going forward into 2018 that I will do the uncomfortable and speak on the topics that allow me to be more vulnerable. Besides I created my blog to encourage, to enlighten, and to empower. So if you’re with me hit the subscribe now button above!

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What did you think about “We’re Going to Need More Wine”?

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