“The Girlfriend/Wife Test”

Okayy…So I was scrolling on social media, and I saw this post.

FIRST OF ALLLL! My mama will tell you, I have a zero tolerance for cleaning after grown people. Growing up, I’ve always had to clean after my older brother, and I hated it. He was the only boy of course, so as you can imagine, SPOILED Rotten!

When it was time to clean up, I always felt it was my brothers job to take out the trash. I would clean the kitchen and try skipping the trash. But I remember one day my mother yelled at me “You’ll be a nasty woman if you wait on a man to take out the trash all your life…” It was something like that, along with a bunch of you don’t wait on a man to do anything. Although, I was quite offended that my mom would never force my brother to even wash a dish…now that I’m older, I recognize even more she was right.

Not only does her statement resonate for young women, it resonates for men too…If you’re waiting on a woman to clean after you…then you’ll grow to be a nasty man.

At 25, living on my own, there isn’t a man that comes over and takes out my trash, or better yet open the jar of pickles that I like. [OKURRR]

Anyway…Looking at this photo again…

This logic is honestly disgusting. If I walked into a man’s house that looked like this, ain’t no going on a date (I know that’s improper English, but let me vent). At this point, if your house looks like this…do you even brush your teeth? Do you even bathe properly? LMAO, I know it sounds crazy, but these are my thoughts. Like who raised you?

Are you even mentally stable enough to be dating right now? Because only someone not in their right mind would be comfortable with this…even if its a “test”.

If I really liked (past tense because even in make-believe this wouldn’t work out) this said guy willing to pull a crazy stunt like this, I’d tell him he needs to clean up up before we leave, and chances are…I still wouldn’t lift a finger.

9xs out of 10, I don’t help people unless I see them first helping themselves. So whether its related to cleanliness or giving sound advice. You better help yourself first.

So to the fellas out there trying to test women…don’t play yourself. Cause I’m telling all my homegirls how dirty you are before I could ever pass this test.

Oh and for the mama’s waiting for your son’s girlfriend to come help in the kitchen, Sis, I AM GUEST! Unless we reach a true level of being family, I’m staying in my place.

Where I’m from it’s actually rude to be in people’s kitchen uninvited.

So if you want to test a Woman on something, try having an intellectual conversation on real life scenarios, politics, or even sports if that’s your thing…

If you have to test a Woman on her personal cleanliness, (I don’t condone this…) just pop up to her house unannounced. If you want to see if she can cook, plan a date night where you both make a meal together. Though, if your expectations of a “good wife” is to cook and clean..for you…than I hate to tell ya, but ya signing up for a failed marriage. okayyy..

Ladies….Would You Have Passed This Test…OR FAILED?

I’ll holla!

7 Replies to ““The Girlfriend/Wife Test””

  1. I would’ve failed because you got me messed up if you think I’m about to clean YOUR mess. What’s wrong with people? LOL great post!!

  2. I would definitely FAIL! First of all imma be like you’re too nasty for me to be with you so I have to leave. I can’t be with a dirty man and I can’t Slave after a man! Pull your weight as well!! If we get married and I’m running businesses and taking care of the kids you can clean too! That house betta be clean when I walk in AND smell good!!

  3. I completely agree! I’m not waiting on a man to do anything. Furthermore I’m not being with a dirty man period!! He has to be willing to do everything a “wife” would do if need be!

  4. I wouldn’t pass or fail! I would leave right away and block his number in the parking lot. ?CALL YOUR RAGGEDY MOMMA AND GRANDMA for raising you! I’m disgusted at this.

  5. Me?! Lift a finger in a MAN’s home?! Whew Chile, the ghetto. First of all, I know his house stinks. I’m walking in, and walking right out.

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