Just a few days ago, I was scrolling through one of the many groupme (Group Messenger App) chats that I’m a part of, and I passed a message stating “…I always attract hood chicks (sad face emoji)”. Now this statement was made after a video was shared about how a guy is always attracted to classy women but only attracts the “unattractive women” or “hoodrat like women”.

Thinking deeper to myself, I thought, what image or message could you be giving off to only attract hoodrats? Are you giving off the image of a King, of royalty, of class, as an “alpha male”, or are you just living life cause bad b*%#h@$ is the only thing that you like? I’m not judging, nor making assumptions of negative character, but simply questioning the mind and intentions of personal image.

Again, thinking to myself, what IMAGE may I be giving off? Probably a confusing one. Some days I sing praises, and others I’m vibin’ to my trap music. Some days I’m quiet and observant, and others I’m the life of the party. This past weekend, my mom came to town, and she noticed I had a box with a few bottles inside. Boyy, she flipped, LOL! It was quite entertaining; she was like “Not the Christian!” All I could do was laugh because in my head it was just a bottle that truthfully I hadn’t even had a sip of [yet],and then the second bottle I’ve had for three months and can’t say I’ve had a full cup…but Ma Dukes was not trying to hear that LOL.

As a matter of fact, NO ONE cares to hear your explanation for life decisions or perceived images, so you have to be responsible and own up to every action you make, regardless of how it may be perceived. I have grown to live by the statement DARE TO BE YOU! If you have to hide something, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it. If you have to shelter the REAL YOU, then maybe you need new friends or a new environment. I can’t say that I’ve ever tried to fit in, but I can admit to dimming my light to avoid the criticism of others [which honestly isn’t any better].

Your Soul Is Rooting For You

This past Sunday, the Pastor spoke on the topic “What are you doing to reflect God’s Image?” He spoke on being slow to anger, having forgiveness, walking in faith, etc. More importantly he made the comment that as a believer “…What you participate in and what you don’t participate in reflects the image of God”. As a proud believer of Jesus Christ it is often brought to my attention that I should uphold a certain image. In most cases this image is perceived to be “boring” or “without personality”. But that’s all up to the politics of religion vs. relationship or the never changings laws of the bible vs. evolution of the new generation. Personally I’m all about having a relationship with God, and striving for my personal purpose and goals.

My point is you have to recognize and be aware of the IMAGE (messages) that you may be sending off to others, whether it may be your co-workers, professors, friends, etc. Ask yourself…Does my image represent and/or align up with my life goals and purpose? If your answer is no, then put an expiration date on any bad habits or imagery that you may be portraying. You are the creator of you self-image (personal brand)!

My challenge for you today: Own Your IMAGE (Brand) or Re-Create It!

-Originally posted April 25th, 2015

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