Girl You Be Killin Em

This blog is dedicated to the “sneaky” girls. The introverts. The extroverted girls with a low profile. The social butterflies that keep their business, their business.


It kills people when they don’t know your business. They will create their own little clues from social media posts to misleading gossip, and sometimes take the lack of social media post to create their own fantasy of how you’re living your life.


I like to think of myself as an extrovert, a social butterfly, and when I’m ready, the life of the party. I will even be the person that will snap chat their entire day, or go on a rant about how the Dominicans burned my hair. Nonetheless, I am also the girl where you’ll never hear about my business in the streets.

Some people consider this way of living as being sneaky, and will look at you with a side eye. For instance, whenever I’m dating someone I don’t really share much, and that confuses people. I remember dating a guy my sophomore year of college and because I didn’t talk about the guy much I had a friend tell me she thought I was sneaky. I shared the comment with another friend, and they agreed that sometimes because how private I am, I can come off sneaky. For me this was just a mixture of hilarious and offensive.

Like why can’t my business be my business?


I can’t say when I began practicing it, when I’ve evolved, or when I’ve master the gift of not sharing everything. But it’s something I take pride in, and it something that has allowed me to protect my inner peace.

We hear it all the time, sometimes its best to move in silence, this allows you to challenge yourself to reach completion and not deal with the doubt of others or even having someone steal your dream.

When people are in your business, or when you share too much, you allow the opportunity for your faith and/or confidence to be tampered. You allow people to make a declaration over your life. You allow yourself to be swayed. You forget to seek God first, and will allow people to dictate how you live your life. Sometimes you’ll miss a stage of growth because you’re busy listening to others, that you never get to listen to your own voice, or take risks in life that may lead you to your destiny. You began to seek approval from the world before you seek approval for yourself.

Just think about the times you’ve shared your dreams with someone and they’ve belittled you to feel you were dreaming too big. Or think about the times you’ve shared how good your boyfriend is to you, then later having your “friends” ask if your dude has any brothers. Then you have to deal with the comparison factors with friends thinking they want the life you have or better yet condemning you for “always having it together”.

Or worst case scenario have that same “friend” being the go to for your ex-boyfriend when you guys break up. Or that business partner duplicate your same business idea under another name. Uh uh, I’ve heard it all before, I’ve learned through the mistakes of others, and in some cases the hard way for myself. Sometimes is best to keep certain aspects of your life in privacy, because everyone may not have their best interest for you.

And when it comes to relationships, too many opinions and hands in your relationship can ruin it. If you can’t work things out with your significant other without adding third parties then maybe you two shouldn’t be together, because if you make it to that altar, that for better or worse is between you two.

Once again, sometimes people just may not have their best interest out for you. They will knock down your dreams, and they’ll laugh at your ambition to reach goals that seem unattainable to their eyes. I hate to say it but some people suffer from jealousy, or for better words, they like to compare and contrast your life to their own, then treat you different like you don’t have the same 24 hours.

If you have mastered the gift of keeping your business your business, keep it going honey! Know who your confidants are, and as long as they are cheering you on and holding you down appreciate them. Don’t feel obligated to answer every question asked, know that its okay not to share. I’m not saying not to reach out for help when in a bad situation, but know to find help from within and through the word of God. Don’t allow people to sway you from reaching your goal-aspirations. Don’t’ give people too much just to gossip about it. Thank God for the friends that will pray for you and not prey against you.

As Maya Angelou salutes in Phenomenal Woman, don’t let the world tear down your inner mystery. And as Fabulous sings,

“Girl You Be Killin Em!”

Keep On Killin Em!

-Passionate Woman


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