Document: Adjusting in Atlanta

As some of you may have seen on twitter, I’ve been struggling to make this post. I’ve been going through many phases from struggle to self-healing to surrendering all to God. One post became another then another, and now I’m here at split it in two.

Hours after prolonging my post I remembered an Instagram video posted by my dear friend Kiara Harris with Breaking The Facades Podcast [plug…check her out].

A post shared by The Facade Project (@breakthefacades) on The video is subjected “Document > Create”, and it focused on not taking so much time on being creative when sharing your journey, but simply documenting your journey. So shout out to you Keeks for inspiring me to actually make this post and not trash it.
I typically like to have a flow to my blogs, this one doesn’t have one, but cheers to Documenting my Journey completely raw!

Document: Adjusting in Atlanta

As many of you know, I moved to Atlanta this past summer. It was fast, quick, and God’s favor has truly been with me. I was blessed to find not only a job, but a job in my career field, and honestly my dream job within two weeks.

Although moving has been a bliss, and the start of me growing into my career field, I have faced obstacle after obstacle after obstacle.

It started with the struggles of living with family. Let’s just say it’s one thing to visit someone, and it’s another to live with them.

Then shortly after I had my car shipped to Atlanta, I found myself on the side of the road day after day, with no money to get my car fixed.

During this time, I truly learned to exercise my faith. LOL, like I would literally be on the side of the road like “Lord please let the car turn back on. Pleaseee!”

But eventually I hustled enough to move closer to my job, be in my own space, and rely on public transportation.

Save the claps though…With every high there came a low.

Within my first week in my new place, I found myself jumping out of a burning car that was on fire. So cheers to being traumatized in the big city, and now not having a car.

Also praise God, because it could’ve all went another way!

But no worries, I’m built for this, I’ve just got to adjust to fully using public transport. Life is getting pretty lonely, I’m tired…but I’m here because God allowed me to be.

Just as I was finding my way around at work, I started having trouble in paradise. My home became a hoe house *tears*, from “brothers” to side nixxas to the boyfriend moving in.

Long story short, I had to accept that I had to find a new roommate and pay a higher rent rate.

Oh let me not forget, take on some unpaid bills.

I was holding things together well [Drinking lots of wine too]. I even decided to pick up a second job to help myself. It seemed that every time I got over one hump, another one came, and before I could fuss about it, I was grateful to be closing the last door.

Why am I sharing this?

Because honestly, I’m tired. Yes, tired of going through struggles…but mostly tired of being transparent about my struggles, and then having them overlooked as well.

I’m tired of being looked at as simply the lucky one that got to get away. Or the strong one getting through the fight.

Daily I face many struggles head on with the mindset that I will prevail.

I’m here in Atlanta today because I decided to hustle hard for it. I make it to work on time using public transportation because I choose to hustle hard for it. [Who would’ve thought the city girl would still have to ride the city bus *tears* lol] I’ve never missed any bill payments because I choose to work hard for it. I’ve fallen on my face as well because its part of God’s nature to remind us that we can and should rely on him.

Again writing this blog has frustrated me, because I hate the idea of venting through a blog and not offering encouragement. Or just sharing my business with no true purpose.

So I’ll end this blog with this….

No matter where you are in life, keep fighting the good fight. Hitting road blocks doesn’t mean you’re not doing it right, its simply a challenge to recognize and build your strength.

Oh and if you see me in the streets [prob never, but you know what I mean] don’t ask me how’s the night life in Atlanta or invite yourself to my crib. Ask me about the struggle, what life’s teaching me, or how to win a spiritual fight?

And to my blogger friends out there. Listen to my dear friend Kiara…

There will be times to create, but make time to document the journey along the way!

“Turning Negatives Into Positives, One Blog at a Time…”- Passionate Woman

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  1. Girl….girl. Thank you for this. People need to see transparency. Thanks for providing such a great example of it!

  2. I am so honored to be a part of your blog and your life tbh. You have inspired me ever since I met you in college and your resilience to get through obstacle after obstacle is unwavering. You are going to be successful. With your faith and hard work I have no doubt. Thank you for breaking the Facade 😉

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