We’re Going to Need More Wine [Review]

If you follow my blog/instagram, you’ll know that I’ve recently started a book club. My first book to review of course was Gabrielle Union’s “We’re Going to Need More Wine”.

Initially preparing to write this review, I planned to highlight my favorite chapters/stories from the book. Instead, I’d like to highlight this from a bloggers perspectives.

We’re Going to Need More Wine touched on the subjects of

  • The Token Black Girl
  • The Girl Who Doesn’t Care for Marriage [yes they exist]
  • Finding Your identity in a World Where You’re Not Accepted
  • Owning Your Identity and Blackness in Hollywood
  • Me Too;
  • Yeast Infections, Because Celebrities Get Those Too
  • Miseducation of Sex Education – [I guess I’m not the only one who wasn’t told about the birds and the bees]
  • Big Bank Takes Little Bank – What It’s Like Dating Another Celebrity
  • Infertility and the Sensitivity of Minding Your Business
  • And plenty more….

The one thing I enjoyed most from reading “We’re Going to Need More Wine”, is Gabrielle’s transparency.

Throughout reading her book I had quite a few moments where I was like: “FORREAL Gabby?”, “Sis you bold af”, “I can totally relate”, “We’re officially souls sisters”….

Gabby’s transparency allowed me to feel comfortable in my insecurities. Not in a way that would cause me to dwell and not make change, but in a way where I felt normal.

Have you ever had an emotional or traumatizing experience that you felt no one could relate to? Have you ever vented to someone about something, and he/she just comes from a different background or upbringing so truly they could not relate to your matter and an hour into venting you feel like your were talking to a tree?

More Wine PLEASE!

Well in reading about Gab Unions stories, I felt this relief knowing that I am truly not alone. Then on the other hand there were moments where I absolutely could not relate and thought “dang Gabbs you wildin”, however I appreciated her transparency.

I can’t lie I was definitely judging her in many circumstances, however in sharing her truth I was able to understand her perspective and the underlying truth behind why she felt so strongly about certain matters. I was able to dig deep and understand how she moved according to past pain.

As a blogger, I am conditioned to sharing my truths and sharing my opinion, whether it’s through sharing a testimonial experience or a product review. Reading “We’re Going to Need More Wine” inspired me to wild out! Lol.

During my book club and reviewing “We’re Going to Need More Wine”, I decided not to record the meeting live as I planned. I decided to open the room for vulnerability and truth. I shared parts of my life that only my best friends know about.

It was in the moments of sharing my story and reviewing the stories of Gabrielle’s book that I felt empowered to be more transparent.

I can’t say I’ve ever sugar coated any of my blogs, but I know there are many subjects that I’ve strayed away from. Often because in sharing my own truths I’d have to share the truth of others. [opp] But it’s in our truths, in our transparency that we connect with others the most.

I’ve decided that going forward into 2018 that I will do the uncomfortable and speak on the topics that allow me to be more vulnerable. Besides I created my blog to encourage, to enlighten, and to empower. So if you’re with me hit the subscribe now button above!

Additionally if you’re interested in joining my book club, click here to RSVP for the next meeting.

What did you think about “We’re Going to Need More Wine”?

Comment Below.

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Holiday Blues – How to avoid them?

Tis the season to be jolly!

With the holidays coming up I’d like to bring awareness to the Holiday Blues, aka depression. If you don’t know, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s a time when all of my family comes together, we crowd around in the kitchen and take instructions from my mom on how to make xyz dish. My mom shares her memories with my Big Mama [grandmother], and we get to lick the bowl after pouring out the cake batter. [Don’t act like you never licked the bowl] It’s an exciting time for me. But somehow the same reason I’m excited about the holidays, Thanksgiving in particular, is the same reason I sometimes dread the holidays. Everyone will be together!!

I don’t know about y’all, but my family is dysfunctional and at this point in life there is no shame to it. But as the old meme said “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

Despite our reoccurring family issue, I love my family. I love the holidays! So for the past few weeks I’ve been reaffirming to myself, “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I will not let anyone ruin that…”


So with the holidays coming around the corner, and many family gatherings, I’d like to share with you all a few tips to avoid the holiday blues!


Lets go!



This will be my number one and most important tip! If I’ve learned anything within the past few years, I’ve learned to protect my own peace. I’ve learned to recognize the things that trigger me, and one of those things is to be questioned by people who don’t know me. Being a family member doesn’t mean you [clap] know [clap] me [clap]. [And yess I had to add the claps] I understand that people want to get to know you, but what many don’t understand is that it’s a privilege to get to know someone. I know this may sound boojie, but lets be honest, how many people really care to know how you’re doing and how many are just looking for something to talk about, or for better words find a way to compare you to the next person. [I’m venting now…that’s not what this post is about lol] But protecting your peace is also avoiding toxic environments. We don’t like to talk about family dramas because it usually just creates more drama, however, if protecting your peace means staying at a hotel instead of big mamas house then do it. If protecting your peace means doing a thirty-minute stop to mama’s house then spending the rest of the holiday with your significant other, then protect your peace. I struggle with anxiety; I never recognized what it was until actually feeling physically sick being around certain people. I’ve learned to stay away from toxic environments, and toxic conversations. So I encourage you to PROTECT YOUR PEACE by all means this holiday season.


I remember during the ages of 15-20 years old, I would get really sad around the holidays. I grew up in a single family home, which meant mama did everything, and all that she could. When my older sisters got married [I’m the youngest of four], and started their own families, I would get sad if I found out they were not coming into town for the holidays. When they were around with their families, I would get really excited because they gave me hope. Hope of what a family looks like, and the possibilities of what a family could look like for me. When they weren’t around I would get depressed and think to myself, I’ll never know what its like to have a family. I would get lonely, and tell myself that I would be forever alone. My mom and I would visit her friends, and we’d spend time with their families, and it was always a great time, but when it was time to back home I would be sad all over again. I don’t know your story, or your situation, whether it’s from growing up in a single home, being the only single person in your family, or the only person without kids. If your cousin just got in engaged, but you’re still struggling to get a first date, don’t worry! COVET NOT – What god has for you is for you. FEAR NOT – Trust in God’s timing, purpose, and unique plan for you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE – The holidays are a time of joy and cheer. If you don’t have a family of your own, or you’ve loss a family member, be the blessing you want to receive.Choose to be a friend to the friendless, go volunteer at a shelter, and/or simply give to someone in need. Spend your holiday with a best friend, or a roommate. Don’t let the holiday blues get the best of you!


Let me restate it, STAY IN YOUR FINANCIAL LANE. One thing I don’t do is keep up with the Kardashians, or anyone at that. When the holidays arrive, it’s so much pressure to shop, to give, to take advantage of the latest black Friday deals, alla that [all of that]. Let me be your humble and sweetest reminder: you can live without it. Ask yourself these 10 questions: 1. Can I afford this? 2. Have all of my bills been paid? 3. If I have to make a sacrifice, is the opportunity cost worth it? 4. Will I have food to eat next week? 5. Do I have to borrow to get this? 6. Is this truly necessary? 7. Do we even talk like that? 8. Do I even want this (or to do this), or am I trying to prove something? 9. Is it worth the debt? 10. If I didn’t read about this deal, would I even consider buying this? If you answer NO to more than two of these questions, let me tell you, it’s not worth it. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. Don’t put yourself into debt to be the super cool auntie, the favorite granddaughter, to get on your in-laws good side, to prove that life’s good even though your bills are currently behind. Don’t be afraid to have that talk early on with your family, friends, significant other, etc that honey, right now times are tough, so we have to work with what we’ve got. I really wanted to get some extension in my hair and have a cute bob for Thanksgiving, but truth is money is tight, I could just afford to come home for the holidays. Its okay to tell yourself no. STAY IN YOUR FINANCIAL LANE.


Those are my 3 tips on how to avoid “Holiday Blues” for this holiday season. If you have any more to share, please leave them in the comments below. Share this blog in a tweet, over Facebook, with your best friend.


Happy Holidays,

Yours Truly,

Passionate Woman CS


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For the Young & Restless -RIP Kenneka Jenkins

I’m dedicating this blog to my nieces, and in honor of the late Kenneka Jenkins. Rest in peace babygirl!

For the past week plus, I have experienced the many emotions from being disgusted, devastated, angry, and even confused by the story of Kenneka Jenkins

If you haven’t heard, she’s a 19 year old young woman, daughter, and supposedly friend. Kenneka was found dead in a freezer at the Rosemont Crowne Plaza Hotel Sunday, September 10. 

Rumor has it that Kenneka was set up by her friends…she was raped then later allegedly walked into a freezer to die. There has been Snapchat screen shots stating that the guy who allegedly planned to rape her set it up out of spite of previously being rejected. Then later the theories were made that there was a suspicious security guard, and that the hotel owner is known for selling body organs… [Inserts face palm] How much of this is truth? Only God knows.

My purpose for writing this blog today is not to present a theory for Kenneka’s death, but to educate and empower the youth that follows behind me. 

From youth it has been my greatest fear to get raped. When I was younger, I had someone close to home threaten to rape me. When I spoke up about it, the matter was ignored. From there I made it my business to always be aware of my surroundings and to be careful of the company I keep. Below I’ll share my few words of advice, and tips for the young & restless who just want to have fun!

  • Understand that you don’t have to accept every invitation sent to you. If you learn/practice at a young age to be selective about the crowd you hang with, or even the environments that you go in, you will get really far. If you have a spiritual relationship with God, start a weekly prayer asking God to give you a spirit of discernment when hanging with certain crowds, and going in different environments. Its so easy to simply just be a the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Trust your instincts, even if..you’re known to be overly paranoid. Unfortunately after high school, I was separated by long distance from all of my close/best friends. So whenever I went out to a club/party, no matter how near or far, I let my friends know. If I ever felt uneasy about an environment or situation my friends would get a text update of what’s going on at a party, and wouldn’t go to sleep until they knew I was home. This may sound crazy to some but those who have real friends know what I’m talking about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the line, “Call me now” or “If I don’t call you in 10 minutes you call me”. Always let someone away from you know where you are located at all times.
  • If you are not strong-minded enough to SAY NO to alcohol and stand your ground [Know yourself and don’t take this personal. Being strong-minded comes with growth and takes a little longer for some & that’s completely fine.] when out at a party or even inside getty, “pour your own poison”.  I’ve gotten past peer pressure at so many parties by voluntarily pouring my own drink. The moment you show that you don’t want to drink, is the moment you become a target for peer pressure. Also, the best part about pouring your own drink is you can pour as little or as much as YOU know you can handle. Not to mention its better to have a cup that only your hands has made to avoid having anything unknown slipped into your drink.
  • Keep your drink in your hand, and beware of your surroundings. I have an Uncle that sadly I don’t know well, because during his youth, he attended a party where someone put bad drugs in his drink, and he’s been paralyzed since. So fellas reading this, watch your drinks too. Sometimes having drugs slipped into your drink isn’t all about date rape. Sometimes its jealousy, evilness, or someone wanting to see you act a fool.
  • Don’t be anyone’s puppet or source of entertainment. I learned this quickly. I’m a dancer and I loved to dance, this sometimes made me the life of the party. But I had to recognize when friends celebrated me in being goofy and carefree verses me being a puppet or source of entertainment [embarrassment] for someone’s Snapchat or Facebook Live. You have to recognized the difference between those that laughing with you and those that are laughing at you.
  • Be selective with who you drink with. Again trust your instincts, you have to know those you can trust at your most vulnerable and slurred moments. When you are intoxicated, whether its from drinking, popping pills, smoking weed, or whatever craziness you do, its the perfect time for anyone to take advantage of you. It’s too often that I’ve been out and seen drunk people walking around alone and lost that came out with “friends”. Or even worse waking up the next morning and not knowing what happened or who did it.
  • Learn how to enjoy yourself soberly. Know that there is nothing wrong or unexciting about being in complete control over you. I have lived some of my best days and even had the chance to crowd surf over a crowd of 300+ SOBER. It’s all in your head, you don’t need a drink to have a great time.
  • Be the designated driver, or better yet drive yourself. If you know you have friends that are a bit more risky, be the designated driver. Risky can be the friend that likes to leave home with dudes, the friend you have to pick up off the floor from being too drunk, or even the friend that’s always ready to fight [Lawd forgive them, for they know not what they do]. I know nobody wants to play Mom or Pop when out with you’re friends, but if you know you can handle life more then those in your crew, sometimes its best to be the overseer to keep everyone out of trouble. I mean, I’d rather be the natural high DD, than the drunk friend trying to explain to my friends’ parents how some crazy tragedy took place.
  • Never go out alone, and stay in a pack. There is so much I can say about this one…but most importantly, it’s always great to have an accountability partner, and for the sake of fun a turn up partner of as well.

I know all of this may seem a bit motherly, and that it sucks out the fun, but its better to be safe than to be sorry. It’s better to have a bit of elderly [pshhh I’m 24] advice that take on life naively.

I hope you enjoy this, and if you have a younger sibling, cousin, or a friend who could benefit from this, be sure to share!

XOXO – Passionate Woman


“Turning Negatives Into Positives…One Blog at a Time” – Passionate Woman 

Open Letter to My Future Self

Open Letter to My Future Self

Hey Courtney,

I hope all is well girly! I gotta let you know that I’ve been thinking about you.

I am curious…Are you sticking to the vision? I know a lot of times life just happens and we can easily lose sight of our goals. Have you completed that special project you’ve scheduled to work on back in 2017? Have you started graduate school? Are you engaged? I know I’m asking a lot of questions…lol you know me, always trying to hold everyone accountable. I truly hope that you have proceeded to keeping God first and loving yourself.

Wait just one more question…Is God still the head of your life? If not know that as long as you have breath on Earth, its not too late to repent and ask God to order your steps to align with his will.

Sigh…actually I hope I haven’t stirred any negative energy with my questions. But I do want to say wherever you are in life right now, I love you girlfriend, and God loves you as well.

And just in case you forgot, I want to remind you of a few life lessons you’ve learned overtime.

  • Love Self First- Because the way you love yourself is the way love will be returned to you. 
  • Protect Your PEACE- Even if this means standing alone. You know your triggers, recognize them by avoiding dark areas of your life.
  • Isaiah 61:2- The Lord will give you beauty for your ashes.
  • No One Can Love You Like Jesus- Don’t ever lower your standards, but remember that no one can take God’s place.
  • Matthew 7:7- Closed mouths don’t get fed honey, PRAY. (7) Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
  • You Are Worthy of Grace- Grace is an undeserving gift that you have access to.
  • Remain Confident- Ain’t nothing wrong with feeling like you’re the sugar honey ice tea. Don’t let the insecurities of the world make you feel like you should be anything less than yourself, and happy about it.
  • Psalms 72:5- It’s better to endure long-suffering and be in the will of God, than to suffer living a purposeless life.

That’s all I have for now babe. Stay encouraged. Remember life’s a journey and not a race. Rome wasn’t built in one day, so if you aren’t where you want to be, it’s okay. If you’ve lost sight of your goals, take the time today to realign. If you don’t know where to start, get on your knees and pray. Better yet go listen to those sermons you’ve always listened to on youtube.

I’m rooting for you, always!


Young CC

If you’re interested in writing a letter to yourself, email it to me at PassionateWomanCS@gmail.com and I’ll be sure to send it back to you between a 1-2 year span. Just include the timing details within the email. God Bless!

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“Turning Negatives Into Positives, One Blog at a Time…”- Passionate Woman

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What’s Happenin With PW?

Hey Yall,

So I just can not proceed without saying wassup to you guys! (Sigh) Ya girl has been super busy…living life. One of my new year’s resolutions was to blog more, and although my last blog was February (whew, I literally just checked, thought it was March), I feel so accomplished.

Since then I’ve become the Orlando Regional Director of Black Bloggers United. I’ve hosted two power hours and an unforgettable brunch. So although I haven’t posted a personal blog ya girl has been putting in work. Enlarging my network and creating new relationships with other bloggers.

I’ve also been celebrating my 24th Birthday, which I will share more details within a later blog. I’ve been in a wedding, caught the bouquet but had snatched from me (tragic), visited my family in New Orleans, attended a few graduations, went ATV riding, jumped off of a boat in the middle the ocean…if you don’t know, I can’t swim. LOL. I’ve been doing thee most!

Most importantly, I set a goal for myself this past March to have a logo created for my blog by August 2017. Well three weeks ago I finally got that logo done, and here I am to present it to you!

I’ve also updated a few things on my website so be sure to check it out!

Again, I know you guys haven’t seen any updated blog post, but I’m putting in work behind the scenes. I have three blogs in my drafts, but I’m a perfectionist so I can’t just throw anything out there.

However, I do want to share with you all that struggle with consistency, whether you’re a blogger, aspiring model/actress, athlete, poet, etc.

 Know that it’s okay to take time to yourself. Don’t ever get so caught up with being “consistent” that you throw out bad quality work. Be genuine, be authentic, and before you look at someone else’s plate, remember to thank God for yours. In this current season of my life, I’ve learned to truly live my life and not try to prove that I’m living my life by making insufficient posts to keep up with others.

Soooo what’s happening with PW? Passionate Woman is out here living her life! Nonetheless, with every experience I endure, I have a story to tell to uplift- encourage you all along the way!

So stay tuned for more!

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Thanks for all of your support!

“Turning Negatives Into Positives, One Blog at a Time…”- Passionate Woman



Girl You Be Killin Em

This blog is dedicated to the “sneaky” girls. The introverts. The extroverted girls with a low profile. The social butterflies that keep their business, their business.


It kills people when they don’t know your business. They will create their own little clues from social media posts to misleading gossip, and sometimes take the lack of social media post to create their own fantasy of how you’re living your life.


I like to think of myself as an extrovert, a social butterfly, and when I’m ready, the life of the party. I will even be the person that will snap chat their entire day, or go on a rant about how the Dominicans burned my hair. Nonetheless, I am also the girl where you’ll never hear about my business in the streets.

Some people consider this way of living as being sneaky, and will look at you with a side eye. For instance, whenever I’m dating someone I don’t really share much, and that confuses people. I remember dating a guy my sophomore year of college and because I didn’t talk about the guy much I had a friend tell me she thought I was sneaky. I shared the comment with another friend, and they agreed that sometimes because how private I am, I can come off sneaky. For me this was just a mixture of hilarious and offensive.

Like why can’t my business be my business?


I can’t say when I began practicing it, when I’ve evolved, or when I’ve master the gift of not sharing everything. But it’s something I take pride in, and it something that has allowed me to protect my inner peace.

We hear it all the time, sometimes its best to move in silence, this allows you to challenge yourself to reach completion and not deal with the doubt of others or even having someone steal your dream.

When people are in your business, or when you share too much, you allow the opportunity for your faith and/or confidence to be tampered. You allow people to make a declaration over your life. You allow yourself to be swayed. You forget to seek God first, and will allow people to dictate how you live your life. Sometimes you’ll miss a stage of growth because you’re busy listening to others, that you never get to listen to your own voice, or take risks in life that may lead you to your destiny. You began to seek approval from the world before you seek approval for yourself.

Just think about the times you’ve shared your dreams with someone and they’ve belittled you to feel you were dreaming too big. Or think about the times you’ve shared how good your boyfriend is to you, then later having your “friends” ask if your dude has any brothers. Then you have to deal with the comparison factors with friends thinking they want the life you have or better yet condemning you for “always having it together”.

Or worst case scenario have that same “friend” being the go to for your ex-boyfriend when you guys break up. Or that business partner duplicate your same business idea under another name. Uh uh, I’ve heard it all before, I’ve learned through the mistakes of others, and in some cases the hard way for myself. Sometimes is best to keep certain aspects of your life in privacy, because everyone may not have their best interest for you.

And when it comes to relationships, too many opinions and hands in your relationship can ruin it. If you can’t work things out with your significant other without adding third parties then maybe you two shouldn’t be together, because if you make it to that altar, that for better or worse is between you two.

Once again, sometimes people just may not have their best interest out for you. They will knock down your dreams, and they’ll laugh at your ambition to reach goals that seem unattainable to their eyes. I hate to say it but some people suffer from jealousy, or for better words, they like to compare and contrast your life to their own, then treat you different like you don’t have the same 24 hours.

If you have mastered the gift of keeping your business your business, keep it going honey! Know who your confidants are, and as long as they are cheering you on and holding you down appreciate them. Don’t feel obligated to answer every question asked, know that its okay not to share. I’m not saying not to reach out for help when in a bad situation, but know to find help from within and through the word of God. Don’t allow people to sway you from reaching your goal-aspirations. Don’t’ give people too much just to gossip about it. Thank God for the friends that will pray for you and not prey against you.

As Maya Angelou salutes in Phenomenal Woman, don’t let the world tear down your inner mystery. And as Fabulous sings,

“Girl You Be Killin Em!”

Keep On Killin Em!

-Passionate Woman


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Flowers for YOU

Scrolling through instagram one day, I saw someone had in their bio “Self-Love Advocate”, I thought it was silly until now. I very so often find myself “preaching” the self-love sermon. Telling someone to love themselves first is such a common statement that is often undermined. I think people hear the words self-love and confuse it with just the outside appearance aspect of loving yourself. But it’s more than the external looks, its internal, personal-able, relational, its facing your true self esteem, and understanding your true value, and adding a hefty tax to it.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about treating herself. It could’ve been about getting her nails done, hair done, eating out, professional development, etc. I can’t remember, but these are the usuals coming from me.

After hearing the many excuses and reflecting on the many conversations (with both male and female) I’ve had in regards to self love, I felt a bit fed up.

So many times I’ve seen seen in both male in female (this includes myself), where we’d make so many excuses not to do something for ourselves. The excuse varies from time, money, energy, etc. But let Mister/Misses “Right” or sometimes Mister/Misses “Wrong” show up, we’ll give our all to someone else just not to feel alone. Sometimes it may not be a companionship of the opposite sex, sometimes its with friends as well. Sometimes we get so caught up with seeking to fit in or be in with the crowd that we forget to be Y-O-U, ourselves.

We forget to love ourselves first. We don’t understand that how you love yourself is mirrored in your outside relationships with others.

I’ve shared this many times before, “You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your words…” I say this to share that I made the decision to love self first. I made the decision to make sure that Courtney was okay before giving so much of myself to others and not have anything left for me. I made the decision to treat myself. Not only to shopping, eating out, but to investing money into educational resources, professional growth, and spiritual empowerment.

One of my favorite things to do for myself, besides eating out is buying myself flowers. I just love flowers, its something that has grown on me the past few years. If you’ve read my blog Expiration Date, you’ll find how flowers help me get over. Each time I walk past my flowers I feel ignited with positivity and hope. Since choosing to love myself first, I’ve experienced an overflow of love from others, my decision to love myself first began to be mirrored in relationships from family, friends, co-workers, and most comforting with my boyfriend.

So recently I purchased myself some flowers, and two days later without a reason I had flowers brought to me. In this moment I felt an awe and I had an aha moment realizing I had to buy myself an additional flower vase. In this moment I understood that when you love your self first, you make room for others to love you too. When you respect yourself first, you set the bar for others to respect you too. So today I challenge you to invest in Flowers for YOU, and watch how loving yourself can be reflected in your many relationships.

Flowers may not be your thing, but just how the blooming of Flowers bring me hope, there is something for you that brings you hope. It can be an inspirational book, it can be gym membership, it can be a business idea that you can put into action, it can be a promise ring that you get to remind your self of the greatness of self love. Whatever your flowers may be, choose to invest in loving you first.

“Turning Negatives Into Positives, One Blog at a Time…” – Passionate Woman

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Stick To The Vision


After reviewing my New Year’s Resolution List from 2016, I began to check off my accomplishments, as well as recognized goals that I did not address at all. I even reflected on goals that I completed, however did not fully execute, or go as planned.

For example, for those who have been following me on my journey, this past November I had planned to sponsor a single family home with two or more children, a Thanksgiving Dinner. It is because of this goal that I have declared my personal theme for 2017 to be “Stick to the Vision”.

I had the vision of donating monetary funds up to $300 to a single family home. I took the initiative to save $25-50 each pay check from July 2016 to November 2016. I created flyers, application forms, etc.

Although I had the vision in my mind of what I wanted to do, I did not have a family to make a donation to. I had no one sign up, or at least not anyone qualified sign up. I was a bit disappointed and wondered to myself “Is there not anyone in need? I mean that’s great if so. Are people too prideful to sign up? Does that many people have food stamps? Lol…”

However despite this, I continued on my journey, I even analyzed areas that I could’ve improve on my end. In doing so, I recognized that I had communication errors, where I could have been more detailed, or even began advertising earlier to get others more familiar with my brand, as well as the cause.

Nonetheless, shortly after concluding the submissions for my Thanksgiving Sponsorship, I received an invitation to join Feeding Children Everywhere for their 2016 Thanksgiving Project. At this event I was able to contribute to packaging over 20,000 meals for those in need, and with the money I saved for my Thanksgiving Sponsorship I donated enough money to make 700 meals. Amazing right!

So check this out, I began my vision to feed one family; approximately five people, but God had a greater vision. He allowed me to do much more. He allowed me to exceed sponsoring one family’s meal to over 700 meals. For this again, I declare my personal theme for 2017:


Therefore I encourage you, whatever desire or vision God has birth in your heart, write it out, plan it out, pray it out, and most importantly execute it at all cost. If you have a few New Years Resolutions, go for them! Don’t let people tell you that it’s a waste. Only people who don’t have goals, aspirations, discipline, dreams…(I’ll stop shamming people) will tell you not to make or reach towards a goal.

Habakkuk 2:2 – And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make [it] plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

Remember to do things for yourself, for a cause, and with a purpose. When times get tough, or things seem as if they aren’t going as plan, pray to God for direction and clarity. When things fail, remember that failure and experience are our best teachers. Get back up again. Recognize your own faults. Set realistic goals. Set realistic deadlines. Ask for help when needed. Don’t forget to do your research if you’re working on a business plan. Most importantly find an accountability partner. Surround yourself with people who support and understand your vision. Know that God wants what’s best for you and knows what’s best for you. Things may not happen on our timing or the way we wish. However God’s will be done. STICK TO THE VISION and watch the Lord work wonders for you!

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

My 2017 New Years Resolutions:

  • Excel in my Career Field
  • Continue to Date Myself
  • Study for my Real Estate Exam
  • Apply for Grad School
  • Build Credit Score
  • Lose 10 Pounds and Maintain Weight
  • Consult God More
  • Become a Member of Someone’s Church
  • Bring Back Monthly Prayer Calls
  • Special Project 🙂 *Stay Tuned*

“Turning Negatives Into Positives, One Blog at a Time…”- Passionate Woman


16 Things To Leave In 2016

16 Things To Leave In 2016

1. Posting your personal business on Social Media; This includes being mad with your boyfriend, your sexual cravings, subliminal shade to your “friends”, etc.

2. Subliminal Messages; Let 2017 be a year full of being DIRECT!

3. The Kardashians; It saddens me how profitable these women have become off of one’s sex tape. I’m appalled by the many girls that aspire and have goals to be like a Kardashian. Please stop trying to keep up with the Kardashians, in 2017 let’s honor hard working, hustling, empowered women.

4. Thotting; This includes allowing every man/woman to have a piece of your cake, pursing married men/women. Everything you do today reflects your tomorrow.

5. Pursuing relationships with people who say they’re not ready to date or not looking to date; This will avoid the drama of you leading yourself on and getting played.

6. Unhealthy Relationships; Start the year off without heavy baggage, get rid of your poisons.

7. Putting temporary dudes/females before your friends and family; Reality is when he/she breaks your heart you’ll be running back to those you love. Learn to have balance.


8. Finding self-pity in someone’s victory/blessing; An example of this is seeing Jill get engaged and then complaining that you’ll be single forever and will never find someone. Let’s leave that in 2016 please.

9. Not supporting friends, local artist, and local small businesses-entrepreneurs; You’d be surprised how far a simple share-repost or retweet goes for an local entrepreneur.

10. Tagging people in photos that they are not in; Trust me I will see you photo, your flyer, and I have no problem clapping for you accomplishments. Just allow me the genuine choice to love and support.

11. Oh yeah…Instagram updates; Dear Instagram we do not need any more updates, especially of other social media features. Be original.

12. Instagram Models; If you are paying for a photographer you are not a model. If you are in front of a camera and not receiving a check you are not a model. Invest in self-validation and not social media likes.

13. Overuse of the N-Word; I’m honestly guilty of this, however with the changes in our government and society, I am challenging myself to remove this term from my vocabulary.

14. Complaining about things you can change; It won’t work unless you do!

15. Allowing Fear to keep you from you dreams; Any and Everything is possible in 2017! Why? Because we are declaring it together. Write a plan and execute it. God did not allow strong passion-desires in your heart for no reason; you just have to do the work to reach your goals!

16. Faithless Prayers; Don’t pray and worry. Take on this year strong, and know that God wants what’s best for you. Know that you reap what you sow, so sow good seeds and allow them to harvest. Take on every obstacle, every challenge, by faith and trust the process-plan of God!


Share and Comment Below things that you would like to be left in 2016!

Happy New Year to All!

2017 Shall Be Lit & Full of Greatness!!!




(This Blog is dedicated to those that choose not to let the obstacles of life hold them down.)

I’ve heard it many times before

“Everything that GLITTERS isn’t Gold…”

Maybe it is Golden, maybe it isn’t…

Or maybe everyone doesn’t get up and look good for the validation of others. Maybe some people choose to get up and put their best foot forward in hopes to overcome. Maybe someone doesn’t believe in self-pity but chooses to rise and overcome. Whatever it maybe, respect it and carry on.

Never get comfortable in being so concern about someone’s ability to shine during “darkness”. Don’t you dare try to Con nor Dim (condemn) their light at the end of the tunnel.


And if you are the art of GOLD that is struggling to come out of your “darkness”, don’t you dare tell yourself that there is no way out. Don’t you dare tell yourself that you deserve to suffer, or that you can’t look your best while going through the storm. Pick yourself up, know that God is with you and for you. Know that nothing is impossible, and that you may overcome. Know that you do not have to hide, nor do you have to be ashamed of where you have to start from or even where you have fallen.

If you are going through a tough season in life right now, TRUST THE PROCESS. Most importantly know that you don’t have to look like what you are going through.

Do you know, even the most purest form of Gold can be discovered beneath the rocks underground. Not every piece of Gold is found polished in your favorite jewelry store. However at the end of the day, Gold is Gold.  Allow yourself (or others) to go through their process of life.


If you are the person that has recently overcame a tough season, but you face the struggles of not being accepted for your new image…I encourage you today to let your light shine despite your past, despite your road blocks. Know that your Glitter Is GOLD. No matter what you’ve been through, regardless of the mistakes you may have made, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHINE!

PW Challenge:

Turn your Pain into Power.

Turn your Pain into Purpose.

Share your struggles, and INSPIRE.

Be the LIGHT!

If you see a friend or love one struggling, LIFT THEM UP!

Ephesians 5:8 For you were once darkness, but now are you light in the Lord: walk as children of light: