As promised in my latest post “25 & WINGIN’ IT”. I will be sharing all post submitted in my blogger’s challenge. I’ve asked all my subscribers, readers, and bloggers friends to participate by sharing their very own Fun Facts, Confessions, and Lesson. Please read the post submission below from my sista friend, JayChantelle, from IAMSOHOGLAM.COM

Funny how timing works. Last week, I was thinking of recording a podcast regarding fun facts about me, but now I will complete this challenge. i promise I am going to share some good things that you never knew about the girl behind I am SohoGlam. Normally, I am a private person and don’t share much about myself. So, take a few sips of some tea as you enjoy my tea. Here it goes:


Fun Facts:

1. I look MUCH younger than my age. Next month, I will be turning 37 years old (yes, you read that right #37where)!
2. I relocated to Atlanta in July 2017 after three failed attempts.
3. I love both coffee and tea. I drink whatever I am in the mood for.
4. I have five tattoos and want more!
5. I haven’t ate red meat in over 20 years and I am a proud FLEXITARIAN!
6. I LOVE music! I listen to music more than I watch television or do both at the same time.
7. Even though I can’t swim, I love the water. I wish I was laying on the beach right now!
8. Speaking of water, I am ADDICTED to sparkling water (Perrier, S. Pellegrino, LaCroix, you get it)!
9. I am extremely emotional – I also do not have a poker face so you can read all of my expressions on my face. They say us Cancer’s are sensitive, lol!
10. I love wine more than any alcoholic beverage.
11. I HATE bugs! I am struggling down here in GA, lol!
12. I am a excellent speller – I would like to thank my grandfather for making me read the dictionary and encyclopedia. That’s how I became a great speller.


1. I am TERRIFIED of lightning!
2. I do want cosmetic surgery. I want a lip augmentation and have collagen injected in my lips (just a little for slightly fuller lips).
3. When it comes to dating, I wear my heart on my sleeve.
4. *Weirdo Alert* I have a lotion fetish. I am obsessed with lotion and how it feels when I rub it on my skin.
5.  I am not a foot person, in fact I hate my feet as well as walking bare foot.
6. I am a low key homebody. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go out, but majority of the time, I am at home.
7. I have an OCD, I am a neat freak and very observant of everything around me.
8. I am a procrastinator! I spent majority of grad school waiting until the last minute to complete assignments. I guess I work better under pressure. Not to mention I always wait until the day before I go out of town to pack.
9. During my teenage years, I HATED makeup. My mom used to beg me to wear it and I was not having it.
10. Even though I am very confident of myself, I have always been a little self-conscious of my body. I guess because I was taunted at a young age (I developed pretty early).
11. I have Beta Thalassemia. It is a blood disorder in the anemia family that is common in the Mediterranean culture that causes constant fatigue due to low iron and hemoglobin. I am also anemic – a freeze baby and loves ice.
12. My first boyfriend I had in the 7th grade was in a gang (and I liked it).

dsc_0231 2.JPG


1. Always keep God first.
2. It is okay to be different. I march to the beat of my own drum and I love that about myself. So always be yourself, no matter what.
3. You can catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
4. Always continue to learn – a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
5. When you are a perfectionist, you tend to stress over the little things. It is okay to take a breather, regroup and come back.
6. Never regret anything. I remember regretting about not being able to attend an HBCU. I wanted to attend Florida A&M University, but I was too afraid to leave home. Everything works out for the best – I still have my degrees, even though they are not from an HBCU.
7. Never live your life dwelling on the past. You will never be able to move ahead.
8. It is important to take care of yourself (mind, body and spirit).
9. Trust the process and always keep your faith.
10. Chances make champions.
11. Pick your battles. Some things are not worth battling for. Just let it go and don’t sweat it.
12. Communication is key for all relationships.

Be great and amazing!



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