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As promised in my post “25 & WINGIN’ IT”. I will be sharing all post submitted in my blogger’s challenge. I’ve asked all my subscribers, readers, and bloggers friends to participate by sharing their very own Fun Facts, Confessions, and Lesson. Please read the post submission below from my dear Blogger Friend, Teeara Sharif, from www.teearaida.com


ATL blogger Courtney Saunders started this dope blogger challenge which will allow you to dig a little deeper into my lifestyle with the fun facts, confessions and life lessons. It was recently passed along to me by Krissy Lewis.

Let’s get into this!

Fun Facts:

1. I really hate dogs well Pit Bulls and Rottweiler probably because I’ve got attacked twice. Like dragged across the floor and once running through hoods and day care centers. My friends still laugh for days about that one

2. I have a thing for those ladies in pink and green! All of my love! I’m apart of the first black greek sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Incorporated.

3. I graduated with my Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications from Virginia State University my favorite HBCU

4. I do have a nickname and its Butter my family call me this. I use to steal butter out the fridge and eat it when I was younger I’m surprised I don’t have high cholesterol

5. I’m very strong-minded, passionate and take friendship very serious!

6. I have a high interest in acting. I will probably mock ya mother and have her personality down pack

7. I’m addicted to wings!

8. I’m in love with my short haircut don’t think I’ll ever go back long

9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rihanna! She’s my sister I always remind myself, girl why you worried Rihanna live her life not giving an F*** what others think. Do what makes you happy.

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1. I worry more than someone’s grandmother. This is something I’m working on!

2. I have a boyfriend who’s my chocolate drop! Boo’d up Boo’d up when I’m with you I cant breathe

3. I’m always telling myself I’m not doing enough

4. I hate talking in front of large groups… but that’s a goal to overcome

5. I like to take a risk and do things many people are afraid to do like picking up moving to a new city

6. I just started embracing my middle name “Ida” when I started my blog. I use to tell people I didn’t have a middle name because I thought it sounded like an old lady name but I’m named after my grandma who I never met so I should be embracing it!

7. I use to be so uncomfortable taking pictures but now confidence on a 1000 embrace your imperfections you bad shawty!

8. I use to be an angry person and didn’t know how to show much affection. Sis was going through some serious things but I’ve learned to embrace love



1. If you don’t take care of anything else take care of your mental health! Don’t let anybody tell you seeing a therapist is for crazy people!

2. Everything you go through is not to punish you but to prepare you for something bigger and better embrace the struggle

3. Everyone won’t understand your story and that’s okay! If you’re from the hood and work in Corporate America embrace that shit you sitting in that seat your worthy

4. Don’t live your life based on what your others want or you will be unhappy. If it makes sense to you that’s all that matters

5. Don’t let your struggles determine your future

6. Embrace those struggles because those hard bricks are aiming to build your strength

7. Continue to work as if no one is watching someone is watching trust me!

8. Your mind will always believe everything you feed it. So feed it faith feed it positive thoughts and feed it with love

I also dig a little deeper sharing 10 hard lessons I learned in my 20’s as I overcame many obstacles.  How much do we have in common I would love to hear some of your confessions or even lesson you overcame.


Feel Free to Join the Challenge: Do you have any Fun Facts, Confession, Lesson you’d like to share? Tag a friend or two other bloggers to participate and I’ll feature your submissions/blogs on my site! Just tag #BloggerChallenge “(Include your age here) & Wingin’ It”! 


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