“Baby When I Used To Love You”

This past November, I had Playwright, M. C. Walker, born and raised here in Atlanta, GA, reach out to me to come review her play, “Baby When I Used To Love You”. I was heading out-of-town, but I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity. Besides, I haven’t been to a play in about three years.

I can’t lie, before attending this play, I was thinking to myself, “This is about to be really corny”.LOL. But I like corny so this is okay.

Just two minutes into the play, my first tweet was, “Oh shit this is juicy”!

Playwright, M.C. Walker took no time to dive into the dramas of Monica Charles and Chase Fitzpatrick. It was not long before my emotions became involved with the story line and characters.  And to my surprise, [excuse me I always start with very low expectations], the actors truly played their roles without coming off too staged.

If you haven’t figured it out by now…Yes this play was all about romance, love, heartbreak, and taking the risk not to settle.

Have you ever loved someone with all you have, but life just doesn’t’ work out in your favor? You ever cried yourself to sleep to get over what you knew to be your one true love? Have you ever experienced gaining the strength to love yourself and move on to a happier life, and new relationship? You know…your skin is getting clearer, ass getting fatter…Then BAM!! Just as you are happy with your new man, the guy you denounced as your soul mate is working like he is gold mining to get back into your life.

In these moments, the lead, Monica Charles is faced with battling against her past and her present, in hopes of choosing her dream man, while chasing her dreams.

While I won’t share how this story ended, but I will share that I genuinely laughed out loud throughout the entire play. I had moments where I was nervous for the next outcome [next scene], because Sis was writing my life story!

Might I add, the props, and transition of scenery was flawless. Although I tried to snap a few scenes for my personal review, Playwright M.C. Walker had me glued from beginning to the end. If you aren’t looking forward to M. C. Walker’s next play, I am, and I can’t wait to share more with you!

Visit http://www.seeminoltawrite.com to see more of  M. C. Walker’s writing, and head over to my Spotlight section to see here as my January Spotlight Feature!


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