8 Tips To Living Your Best Life In 2018

Leave these 8 things behind:


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1- Toxic Relationships – The older I get, the more I recognize my anxieties, the more I am aware of different energies, and how my mood changes when I’m around certain people. I’m not talking about “Oh, I’m suddenly in a bad mood.” But I’m suddenly on edge or over observant, (you know when you have to keep a third eye to figure out how fake this person wants to be today)…all of that because the truth is we don’t trust these toxic people in our lives. Although we don’t trust them or their sincerity, we’re reluctant to facing the reality of getting rid of these people, because somewhere within us we’ve once (or still do) love these people, and want to see the good in them. Dead it! You can’t move on or reach new heights when we’re holding on to dead weight and extra baggage. – Leave it in 2017.

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2 – Unaccomplished Goals – I mean this is simple. Let’s be more strategic; lets hold ourselves more accountable with reaching our very own goals. Let’s take responsibility in pursuing passions, living with purpose, and reaching our full potential. Lets put childlike ways behind us (making wish lists, and posting #Goals all over social media), and not putting in the work behind the scenes to reach said goals. Lets be strategic moving forward in 2018 to reach new heights and put in work; get certified for that promotional increase; start that podcast; go to that first home owners class; study more for that LSAT exam. Break all excuses and jump up after every set back with the mindset to WIN all 2018.

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3 – Playing Yourself – This is for us single folk. Yep, us, cause without a ring, we all single baby! In order to not play yourself, you must know what you want. Once you know what that is, don’t settle for anything less. We tend to tell ourselves that we don’t want the things that we really do, simply because we don’t have the courage to stand up for ourselves or what we want. So, if you want to be in a relationship and a guy tells you he doesn’t have the same intentions in mind, stop entertaining him. Telling yourself “we’re just friends” is playing yourself. If you love him, own it. If you cherish yourself more, own that too, and stop playing yourself. If you are ready to go from girl friend to wife, and it seems your man will never be ready…Stop Playing Yourself!  Life is too short to play wife to a boyfriend, and vise versa for the males. If you want to get back into school to get that new degree, go for it and stop making excuses. Holding yourself back from your own dreams due to doubt or lack of courage is P-L-A-Y-I-N-G YOURSELF. Anything from doubt, fear, lack of encouragement, you name it, if it doesn’t serve you or your self-betterment, let it go and stop playing yourself.

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4 – Choosing Everyone Except Yourself – Do you know how many opportunities you pass up in not choosing yourself first? I mean you miss out on naps, job opportunities, adding zeros to your savings account. I’m a firm believer in being a giver, and a friend, but take the time to choose you. Don’t let another year go by and you haven’t reached your goals due to being there for everyone except yourself.

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5 – Not Sticking to Your Personal Budget – Truthfully, I love to brunch, get cute, and have fancy meals with friends. Like, this ?? is ?? my ?? club ??. As a matter of fact I caught myself attending brunch every weekend with friends, but I had to stop and recognize, “I need to stay in my lane. I can’t afford this, lol.” I had to budget myself to one brunch and one dinner a month. We have to grow responsibly and learn to say no when we don’t have it. We have to take responsibility to save for the days we run into unpredictable situations, like a flat tire, or random medical expense. Let’s leave childish, and irresponsible ways behind so that we may work our way to financial prosperity in 2018!

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6 – Settling In the Professional World – Yous Kind, Yous Smart, Yous Important! Often, I hear stories from my friends about people who are miserable in their late 30s-50s, and they’ve been on a job for 10-15 years. They hate their jobs, but after being so complacent, and allowing fear to dictate their life, they are stuck in the same unhappy place. If you’re unhappy (and educated), get off your ass and start looking for better work opportunities or take on the challenge to move up. The sky is the limit, and life is what you make it. Things may not always be fast and easy, but work towards progression, whether that means perfecting your current skills/job performance, or taking the leap of faith to take your talents to  a new level, a new environment.

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7 – Ignoring Mental Health Issues – We live in a society where at the click of a button you can put on a full mask. Posting a picture on your social media account at your highest low, and then crying yourself to sleep that night with a fist full of insecurities. Lets take the time to recognize when we need a break from work, a break from life, a break from all toxic behaviors and/or encounters.

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8 – Entertaining Ignorance – I made a vow to myself a few years ago to only share good news. This includes comedy and things that make you laugh. This also includes sharing accomplishments of friends-family members, sharing a testimony of how someone won the battle over depression. What I won’t share is foolery such as fighting, post promoting self-hate-colorism, slander-gossip (whether it’s about a classmate or a celebrity), live videos of people being abused– you name it. In 2018, let’s be strategic about sharing positivity and awareness on knowing our rights vs. hate.


I challenge you all to join me in moving onward and forward using the 8 tips above. Let’s leave behind all bad habits and counterproductive activities.

Let’s Be Intentional in our personal progress in 2018!


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  1. Numbers 2 and 5 are me, sis! Unaccomplished goals have gotta go. Also, I am too poor and too smart to be out here without paying attention to my budget. I don’t know why, but sticking to a budget can be difficult for me…!

  2. 1. This was great, and I mean grrrrrrreat!
    2. Great minds think alike because I literally just wrote about some similar topics prior to reading this. It’s time for us to break those chains.

    Thank you for all of this! ✨

  3. Freaking love these tips. It’s definitely something we all have to actively acknowledge/work on. It’s one thing to say and another to change our own behavior to live our best lives as you say 🙂

  4. Love this list! I went from one to the next like “yep, for sure need to work on this” or “already working on that.” Wishing you a happy new year!

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