25 & Wingin’ it

25 & Winging it

This blog is all about confessions, lessons, and fun facts about me. Today marks 25 days since I’ve turned 25…and despite how well I hold things together, truth is…I’m wingin’ it.

Fun Facts:

1. Brown is my favorite color and not even age could change that.

2. I am nowhere near my end goal, but I’m working in my desires career field, and in a pretty dope industry, advertising.

3. I’m very strong minded but also extremely open minded. #Growth

4. I don’t take myself as serious as most people do. I can be really serious and business mindset then 10 minutes later the life of the party being really goofy. #WellBalanced

5. I have a natural “high”, and I’m almost always the life of the party. However, contrary to belief too much liquor either makes me moody or sleepy. [This is a note to my friends, “I’m too grown for peer pressure”, lmao!]

6. I’m not easily swayed, and being overly pushy actually peeves me. I’ve actually walked away from many deals because of it.

7. I have traveled now to 8 different countries.

I’m Livin’ My Best Life | Igloo 5.6.18


8. I’m learning that self love is like a fulltime job. There’s days when it’s draining, overwhelming, hard af, tiring…then there’s days when it’s refreshing, fulfilling, and comforting.

9. I’m in love with my boyfriend and I’m pretty sure he’s my future husband.

10. I also have serious break-ups every other week, but hey, we’re still getting #BaeGoals lmao.

11. Long distance is for the birds. The people that I hold closest to my heart from my best friends to boyfriend all live in different cities/states, and experiencing growing pains without your closest friends by your sides can be a struggle.

12. People always nudge me to blog on relationships, I always respond with, “I don’t do relationship advice”. After some self-analyzation, I realized, I can’t share tips/advice that even I can’t take [lmao], but with much courage to get out of my comfort zone, I do plan to add a relationship corner to my blog to share my personal journey. [This is scary so no pressure hahaha]

13. I took one class in college 3xs [repeatedly] before obtaining my degree.

14. As much as I like to plan ahead, I have no clue where my life will be in 3 years and it drives me crazy.

15. I’ve always been known as the life of the party or the person that knows everyone, but for years I’ve struggled discerning friends from foes. With wisdom in prayer, I can finally say, I’ve weeded out my bad seeds, and I’ve learned how to cater to the “misguided”.

16. Some people have daddy issues, but I don’t, I have mommy issues. [inserts dramatic crying emoji, love you Ma]

17. Like most people, sometimes our greatest “assets” are our biggest insecurities. I’ve had a shape all of my life, but only recently have I gained comfort in wearing shorts, bodycon dress, etc. I get really self-conscious about my body.

18. Me too.

19. I never had true aspirations to become a blogger. One day I just started, and its has evolved into a door of opportunity for professional, personal, and spiritual growth. [check out my beginners work here]



20. You don’t always have to give an explanation or response, but if you do, choose your words wisely.

21. Closure is a privilege and feedback is a gift!

22. I recently had a friend share with me, “Courtney, I never worry about you. You always find a way to re-evaluate your self and reset when facing challenge.”, so my lesson here is: Reassess, Recalculate, Re-evaluate, Rest, Restore.

23. When you don’t recognize your worth you lose your worth.

24. You won’t always have control, and that’s okay. You have more of a job of identifying the problem, maybe even confronting the problem, but it’s God’s job to solve it. You just have to find the strength to cast your cares unto God!

25. When climbing up the ladder for personal-professional growth, always remember that humility comes before honor. So even if you have to take the road less traveled, or take what may seem as the “longer” path, with continuous prayer [for strength and guidance] you will find your way to victory.

25 & Wingin’ It | Post Brunch, Washington DC.

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31 Replies to “25 & Wingin’ it”

  1. Amazing post Courtney, I love how open and honest you are in your posts!!. Keep working on you girl!!! Proud of you. I can relate to a few things you said and i also learnt a few things too

  2. Yassss love it court! Wait shout out to number 3 that’s soooo me! and number 9 and 4!!! Taurus connection okayyyyyy. Fun fact about me I love all things carribean! I love reggae ! I often pretend I’m carribean lmao it’s in my blood line somewhere

    1. Hahaha I love it girl. I could eat Jerk Chicken, Cabbage, and oxtails everyday!! I’m Bahamian but I hope to have some Haitian babies someday lol ??

    1. This is wild crazy and beautiful! I admire your transparency and youthfulness!! You encourage us all to be our best self !

  3. Great read love! #15 is unfortunately the story of my life! Im hoping this is the year I finally get it right & forever tighten up my circle. #21 just blessed me! Lol. It’s how I live my life but I love how you worded it! ? Xo

  4. This was awesome. To come to this realization so early in life is remarkable. Keep striving for greatness and I know you will do well.

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