16 Things To Leave In 2016

16 Things To Leave In 2016

1. Posting your personal business on Social Media; This includes being mad with your boyfriend, your sexual cravings, subliminal shade to your “friends”, etc.

2. Subliminal Messages; Let 2017 be a year full of being DIRECT!

3. The Kardashians; It saddens me how profitable these women have become off of one’s sex tape. I’m appalled by the many girls that aspire and have goals to be like a Kardashian. Please stop trying to keep up with the Kardashians, in 2017 let’s honor hard working, hustling, empowered women.

4. Thotting; This includes allowing every man/woman to have a piece of your cake, pursing married men/women. Everything you do today reflects your tomorrow.

5. Pursuing relationships with people who say they’re not ready to date or not looking to date; This will avoid the drama of you leading yourself on and getting played.

6. Unhealthy Relationships; Start the year off without heavy baggage, get rid of your poisons.

7. Putting temporary dudes/females before your friends and family; Reality is when he/she breaks your heart you’ll be running back to those you love. Learn to have balance.


8. Finding self-pity in someone’s victory/blessing; An example of this is seeing Jill get engaged and then complaining that you’ll be single forever and will never find someone. Let’s leave that in 2016 please.

9. Not supporting friends, local artist, and local small businesses-entrepreneurs; You’d be surprised how far a simple share-repost or retweet goes for an local entrepreneur.

10. Tagging people in photos that they are not in; Trust me I will see you photo, your flyer, and I have no problem clapping for you accomplishments. Just allow me the genuine choice to love and support.

11. Oh yeah…Instagram updates; Dear Instagram we do not need any more updates, especially of other social media features. Be original.

12. Instagram Models; If you are paying for a photographer you are not a model. If you are in front of a camera and not receiving a check you are not a model. Invest in self-validation and not social media likes.

13. Overuse of the N-Word; I’m honestly guilty of this, however with the changes in our government and society, I am challenging myself to remove this term from my vocabulary.

14. Complaining about things you can change; It won’t work unless you do!

15. Allowing Fear to keep you from you dreams; Any and Everything is possible in 2017! Why? Because we are declaring it together. Write a plan and execute it. God did not allow strong passion-desires in your heart for no reason; you just have to do the work to reach your goals!

16. Faithless Prayers; Don’t pray and worry. Take on this year strong, and know that God wants what’s best for you. Know that you reap what you sow, so sow good seeds and allow them to harvest. Take on every obstacle, every challenge, by faith and trust the process-plan of God!


Share and Comment Below things that you would like to be left in 2016!

Happy New Year to All!

2017 Shall Be Lit & Full of Greatness!!!